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Estos son algunos de nuestros servicios

Cloud Management

We cover all aspects in hybrid and multicloud environments. Move2Cloud, Cloud Journey, Security and further more.

Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Software (Backup & Restore application licensing included) ; Management and implementation; Disaster Recovery (Planning. implementing); FULL Managed Service (SaaS)

Operation Center 24/7

We are ready 24 hours per day, 7 days of the week. You can define a baseline and count with our pool of resources (DBA, Middleware, OS, cloud and more). check it out .

Trust Advisor

Need further details about your cloud or any kind of environment? we can help your team on it.

Oracle Retail Infrastrucutre

We are specialist on it, we have experience over all modules, all versions, managing, patching, upgrading.

Oracle EBS

Need reasonable support price? Want to to implement HA or DR? manage patches, move to cloud? we can help you.

Security Consulting

Cloud perimeter security; Pentest and Vulnerability Scan; Control and Monitory; Assessment and Architecture

Project Management

Our team is composed by experienced professionals, also with technical background, getting better and faster understanding

Integration and Dev Services​

We offer integration services using the most used tools in the market. SOA, OSB, ODI, Golden Gate and more.

Identity Management

Do full implementations, perform upgrade, apply patches, refresh environments, develop connectors, do complete support. OIG, OIM, IAM, OAM.

Jobs Automation

We support, design jobs on the most used tools in the market. Control-M, Automic [UC4 / Appworx], AutoSys, IBM Workload Automation, Crontab!

Solution Experts

Oracle Retail infra, Oracle Cloud, Linux, Windows, VMWare, Azure, Oracle Identity (IAM / OIG / OIM / IDM / OAM), Golden Gate, Autonomous Database, Cloud Billing and more!

Who we are

About Us

We are ethical and transparent company, engaged to help our customers achieve their goals at simplest way, delivering more than quality, but being reliable and bring satisfaction always we could.



Be ASAP - As Simple As Possible


We are experts and know how do right things with cost optimization and operational efficiency


Cloud Managed; Data Loss Prevention; Security 360 or All Security; Data Integration; Application Support; 24x7 Services; Trust Advisor for Cloud Strategy


Addere Team

Our team is composed by specialists and very experienced people in the tech market. We are able to help in any technical area, since planing, developing, capaciting, installing, patching, managing all kind of environments, PaaS, SaaS, IaaS and DaaS. Check it out some of our resources.

Guilherme Zuffo
Guilherme Zuffo

Guilherme Zuffo

Architect Manager