All you need about Oracle Retail Infra is here:

Our team have a complete background among all modules and all versions. Since Retek versions, Brazilian localization versions,  until the latest ones in cloud.

We can help you reduce costs and gain quality with our valuable support in you currently environments or during the new implementations.

Perform full installations (On premises)

Need to install any module? let with us, we will use the best practices that will keep your environment flexible, and easier to support or perform refreshes.

We can make the whole thing, since OS, databases, cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, secure it,  creating/planning backups, setup HA, DR, or any customer wish (IT related only) .


Reduce execution time on Retail batches


We are specialist on it. we can do assessment, heath-check, provide the paths where to improve , do complete overview since hardware /OS, database or coding perspectives.


Optimize refreshes

We can help optimizing refreshes, and if desired, automate it via single request.
We can guarantee that your project / sustain teams would love it.


A little bit about Oracle Retail MOM


Infra is like the base of the buildings,
If is solid like rock, will not fall!

So please,

Do not forget infra in your budgets,
Infra is not only cost.
Let specialized people doing it, otherwise your buildings might fall…


Specialized people are remembered only when the building is falling, or burning…